Acupuncture, just one step in treating orthopedic pain

Dr. Lester, at Alpine Holistic Medicine, specializes in many modalities centered around healing from orthopedic pain and trauma.  Dr Lester uses a hands on approach to find what really is going on.  He combines his understanding of western medicine, body mechanics, physical medicine, and Chinese medicine to formulate a complete whole picture and treatment plan.  Dao Qi, a specialized amalgam between diagnostic tool and theraputic massage, aids him in his ability to find and treat disharmonies in the body.   Acupuncture is used by Dr Lester as one of the first lines of treatment in orthopedic disease.   Acupuncture is well know to help speed recovery from orthopedic surgeries prolonging the time before needing surgery and helping people avoid surgery altogether.  It is known to help heal as well as to reduce and remove pain.  Dr Lester treats inflammatory orthopedic conditions with a combination of Acupuncture, Dao Qi (chi) massage, Nutritional guide lines (anti inflammatory diets), Hydrotherapy techniques, Herbal Medicine, and supplements.  Dr Lester helps move and shift people from states of pain, stiffness, weakness, and swelling into a state of harmony, freedom of motion, strength, and ability.