About Us

Alpine Holistic Medicine uses Naturopathic philosophy and modalities in combination with Chinese medicine and Acupuncture to create harmony, hope, health, and balance for the people of Park City and surrounding communities.  Dr. Lester with Alpine Holistic Medicine wishes to educate the community in all manners of Natural health.  He wants to use Old World Wisdom, Ancient Eastern Medicine, and New World Modern Medicine, hand in hand to bring profound healing of Mind Body and Soul.  Naturopathic Medicine, Classical Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and other modalities come together in a symphony of deep healing, addressing the cause of disharmony, bolstering hope, achieving health and finding balance.

Dr Lester was born and raised in Indianapolis Indiana.  During his childhood he spent his spare time in the forests looking for medicinal and edible plants, riding Mountain bikes, hiking the creeks, crawling through caves and enjoying what Indiana has to offer of the outdoors.  During this time he dreamed of the mountains, rivers and canyons of the west.  Soon after high school he moved to the Grand Canyon in Arizona to work.  Northern Arizona drew him in and kept him as he did his undergraduate work at NAU.  Dr Lester completed a BS in Chemistry and minor in Microbiology always striving to become a teacher yet wanted to teach something that would help humans, as a whole, seven generations from now.  He found Naturopathic Medicine and quickly moved to Oregon to prepare for Medical school.  He worked in a nursing home, did landscaping, and skied Mt Bachelor while waiting to start school the following year.  During medical school he learned of the riches Chinese Medicine had to offer.  The in depth theory and completeness of Chinese Medicine called to the teacher in him so he added that to his schooling as well.  After 7 yrs 1 child and getting married he graduated from NCNM (National College of Natural Medicine) with the degrees ND (naturopathic doctorate) and MSOM (Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine).  Dr. Lester moved to Utah to complete a 1 year residency in General and Integrative Medicine with a family practice, Utah Valley Health Clinic.  After completing his residency he helped start a private practice, Mountain Sage Natural Health and Acupuncture, in Park City.  After 7 yrs practicing in Utah, he ventured out on his own and started Alpine Holistic Medicine.

Dr Lester also works At the Utah Birth Center in SLC.  He also teaches Tai Chi and Qi Gong with Park City Municipal at the PCMARK and The Park City Senior Center.