IMG_0567Dr. Bradford Lester has been practicing Acupuncture in Park city since 2007.  Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese Medical art form that brings balance back into a persons life.  Acupuncture is used to restore a persons natural energy flow by removing  blockages from the body. Energy flows through our bodies like rivers and streams, nourishing, feeding, and enabling our bodies to move and explore the environment around us.  When we are unable to freely move and explore our environment, that is disease.  Acupuncture creates a channel3 for disease to leave the body while also freeing up stuck energy.  Once energy is flowing freely again, pain, disease, and disharmony are replaced with freedom, energy, motion, and balance.  Blockages are removed letting the rivers of nourishment to flow to our bodies.  With the return of energy, our bodies grow in strength and adaptability.  Letting us reach new heights in health.