Botanical Medicine

Dr Bradford Lester is passionate for Botanical(herbal) medicine.  Growing up he spent  hours wandering the woods finding new edible plants in Indiana.  Moving west to the deserts of arizona, medicinal herbs grabbed his interest further.   In Naturopathic medical school, Dr Lester trained extensively in herbal and botanical medicine.   Botanical Medicine has been around for ages.  Most modern drugs originated from an herbal form.  Nature in its wisdom provides cures to all our disharmonies just out our door.  

Dr Lester uses botanical medicine in his practice regularly and  it is a staple in his treatments.  

Chinese medicine uses herbs to balance internal and external energies. It has been in practice for millennia and earliest documentation dating back to 1000 BCE. Western Botanical Medicine finds its roots from Hippocrates in his work Hippocratic Corpus in 400BCE. The combination of these two vast traditions helps Dr Lester create amazing individually tailored formulas to help his patients find balance in their lives.