Chinese Herbal Medicine

Alpine Holistic Medicine has an extensive Chinese and Western Herbal formulary.  Dr Lester is able to prescribe and develop personalized herbal preparations to help balance energies and treat disharmonies.

Herbal pharmacy

Herbal Medicine helps to support, detoxify, harmonize and treat the physical aspects of the body to create balance and health.  Herbs traditionally used in China are now being used world wide to treat a multitude of conditions.  From the common cold to adjunctive cancer therapies, Chinese herbal medicine is a helpful tool that gets results.  There are formulas that have been developed over Centuries, even thousands of years to treat, infertility, fatigue, infections, soreness, pain, weaknesses, mental illness, digestive complaints, and more.

Custom made formula

Custom Chinese Herbal Medicine balances energy, focuses on the person as a whole while fixing the conditions from within.  It is a subtle yet powerful medicine that has been tested and tried over thousands of yrs.