Tai Chi and Qi Gong

Tai qi is an exercise to harmonize internal and external energies through a series of moves, and stances.  It is considered a soft form of Martial arts and the movements can be used and practiced for self defense.  “Tai” is defined as greatness and harmony.  “Chi” (qi) is energy.  Tai qi is the great harmonizing of energies.

Qi gong is an exercise for the mind-body connection.  It is based three pillars; motion, stillness and sound. There are many different schools and disciplines in qi gong. Most usually have a series of stances, shaking, sounds, and meditation. Dr Lester is trained in two schools, Zheng Qi Gong (true qi gong) and Jin Jing Gong (muscle tendon qi gong).

Dr. Bradford Lester is teaching Tai chi and Qi gong at the PCMARC this summer.  Anyone can come and take the class while also being permitted to use the rest of facility.(minus courts)

Dr. Bradford Lester teaches Qi gong and Tai Ji at the Park City Senior Center on Thursdays.  Class Starts Just before 10 and ends just before 11.  Please limit to Seniors.  punch passes can be obtained, or $3 walk in.