Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy is a healing modality found in Traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.  It removes surface pathogens or “evils” from the exterior of the body.  The cups create suction to pull the “evils” ( heat, cold, wind, dampness, damp heat  and dryness) out of body. This unblocks  stuck energy from the tissue, creating smooth flowing energy.  

The suction created in the cups are obtained either by removing oxygen with a flame or by a pump device.  This ancient therapy helps separate fascial planes and removes adhesions in muscle groups.  Cupping allows the muscles to work independently of neighboring tissue. 

This therapy is the perfect adjunct to massage!  It pulls tissue up, stretching the muscles and sinews, creating more space.  Massage often pushes the tissue down compressing it.  The push and pull of combined therapies creates amazing results that are felt. 

Cupping Therapy increases blood flow to the area, bringing the body’s innate healing power and awareness to a specific site.  It increases tissue remodeling, growth, and healthy function.  Feel the benefits of cupping.  It eases muscle tension, makes muscles function better and helps relax an over worked body.