Naturopathic Medicine

Park City with its close proximity to nature, health conscious people, and residents willing to learn and try new things makes it the perfect place for Naturopathic Medicine.  Naturopathic medicine uses 6 basic principals as guidelines to identify and treat individuals.  The 6 principals are…

First Do No Harm– (Making sure treatment is not harmful.)

The Healing Power of Nature– (The body will heal itself if given the opportunity and resources)

Identify and Treat the Cause– (Finding the underlying conditions that lead to problems)

Treat the Whole Person– (Person medicine not condition medicine. Looking at all aspects of life)

Doctor As Teacher– (Educating to enlighten, giving tools to heal thyself)

Prevention as Cure- (Best way to health is to avoid problems)

Within these guidelines Naturopathic doctors bridge the many realms of medicine, in a safe and effective way to treat most conditions.  Naturopathic doctors are trained primary healthcare physicians and licensed to diagnose and treat with modern medicine.  They are schooled and trained in many natural health modalities including herbal medicine, homeopathy, medical nutrition,  and physical medicine.