Alpine Holistic Medicine uses Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine to bring balance into your life.

About Us

About the Doctor

Dr Bradford Lester ND LAc. MSOM has been practicing medicine in Park City and Salt Lake City for over 15 years.  Dr Lester is a licensed, board certified Naturopathic Doctor and licensed Acupuncturist.  At Alpine Holistic Medicine he practices the healing power of nature.  He believe that doctors should first Do No Harm.  He understands the importance of identifying and treating the cause of illness and not  just treating the disease.  It is our goal at Alpine Holistic Medicine, to treat the whole person, Mind, Body and Spirit.  Through education, Dr Lester teaches every day strategies to cure illness and to further prevent future disharmony from affecting patients. 

Origin Story

Dr Bradford Lester was born and raised in Indianapolis Indiana.  In childhood Dr Lester spent his spare time in forests and creeks sampling medicinal and edible plants, riding bikes, hiking, crawling through caves and enjoying what Indiana has to offer.  Growing up in the flatlands of the midwest he dreamed of the mountains, rivers and canyons of the west.  Soon after high school Dr Lester moved to the Grand Canyon National Park to work and explore the west.  Northern Arizona drew him in with mountains, deserts, and canyons.  Dr Lester stayed to do his undergraduate work at NAU, completing a BS in Chemistry and a minor in Microbiology.  

Doctor as Teacher

Striving to become a teacher of the sciences Dr Lester became disheartened with the pursuit of teaching Chemistry.  The toxic waste products from experiments and production of chemicals scared him and he feared for the welfare of humanity.  He wanted to teach something that would help all of us seven generations from now, not just tomorrow or the next day.  In his pursuit of worthy teachings, he found Naturopathic Medicine.  The idea of teaching this unique style of medicine, seemed like a worthy cause.  This was something that the world needed to know about and remember.    So he moved to Oregon for Naturopathic Medical school.  


 During his Naturopathic medical program, he learned about Chinese Medicine.  The in depth theory and completeness of Chinese Medicine called to the teacher in him so naturally he added a masters program in Chinese medicine.  After 7 yrs 1 child and getting married he graduated from NCNM (National College of Natural Medicine) now called NUNM (National University of Natural Medicine) with the degrees ND (naturopathic doctorate) and MSOM (Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine).  Dr. Lester moved to Utah to complete a 1 year residency in General and Integrative Medicine with a family practice, Utah Valley Health Clinic.  After completing his residency he helped start a private practice, Mountain Sage Natural Health and Acupuncture, in Park City.  After 7 yrs practicing, he ventured out on his own and started Alpine Holistic Medicine.  He has practiced pediatric naturopathic medicine at the Utah Birth Center and Wasatch Midwifery

Dr Lester also works At Valenti Acupuncture in SLC.  He teaches Tai Chi and Qi Gong with Park City Municipal at the PCMARK and The Park City Senior Center.