Cough, Colds and Kids

As winter starts to grab ahold on the world, Coughs, Colds, and the Flu seem to take reign as well.  Anyone with children knows that tis the season for runny noses, missed school days, and Passing the Flu around with the gravy.  Some simple ways to keep the kids healthy as we move into the holiday season and break the tradition of getting grandma sick during family gatherings.

Avoid Sugar

1.)  Sugar is abundant and it makes us susceptible to catching something we don’t want.  Eating plain sugar lowers our immune system, increases stress on our bodies, and creates phlegm in our systems.  Finding ways to still treat the kids while not overwhelming their bodies with sugar is a must.  Candy exchanges for halloween. (Toys for treats).  Limiting amounts of candy. (only one piece from the bowl)  Eating candy after meals as a treat which will lower the absorption of sugar due to other foods needing to be digested.  Cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar, so using that as an additive to sweet meals.  Get creative with fruit not ice cream.  Warm is better than cold, cook your fruits.  Use stevia to sweeten or Truvia(brand name) like products(alcohol sugars)  These are sweet with no calories.  Sweeten dishes with fruit, apple sauce peanut butter cookies with agave nectar and fruit juice, etc.

Wash Hands Frequently

2.)  Hand washing habits.  As we move indoors the hands look cleaner and often don’t get washed as much.  The problem is that everyone is inside, touching the same door knob, the same table, and it is easy to pass bugs to one another.  Wash with soap and water, do hydrotherapy as you are, start hot end with short blast of cold.

Dietary Practices

3) Eat more soups.  Cold foods damage our digestion and cause phlegm production.  avoid ice water etc.

Build Your Immune System

4) Ask us about immune building tinctures and teas and foods.  Certain herbs can help increase immune function.  Echinacea is well know yet there are many others that can benefit the immune system.  Some mushrooms and foods also have immune stimulating properties.  Some vitamins, nutrients, and minerals also boost immune function.

5) Remember it is always easier to prevent sickness than treat it.  The best way to stay healthy is to be healthy.

Dr Bradford Lester

Alpine Holistic Medicine

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