Summer Is here…and allergies are abundant

Summer Solstice has come and with it allergies.  This past spring has been a wet one with much growth from weeds to trees and grasses.  Pollen counts are up causing much unwanted allergic responses for those with allergies.

Some  basic keys to remember as the seasons change and to avoid unwanted allergic responses.

1) Eat a rainbow of colors every day.  The Bioflavinoids in colorful fruit and veggies help to maintain normal immune function as well has help us avoid damage from solar radiation.  This is simple this time of year because everything is in bloom and ready to be eaten fresh from the earth and trees.  Eat with the seasons to stay healthy.

2)  Keep the pollen off.  Washing hands and face regularly with cold water helps to reduce inflammation and clean off pollens that have accumulated through the day.  Keep the windows closed if you can to reduce in house exposure to pollens.  Use a netty pot to wash out nasal canal or clean with saline water.

3)  Basic anti-inflammatory practices.  Avoid inflammatory foods, use hydrotherapy, eat anti inflammatory foods like Fish oils, Digestive enzymes, Querciten, and possibly anti inflammatory herbs like nettles, tumeric, hibiscus, ginger, mint ect.

4) Acupuncture helps keep the channels clear and reduces reactions to antigens.

5)  Local bee pollens and honey have been shown to help yet must be used cautiously due to possibility of making symptoms worse or causing allergic reactions.



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